HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard


horizon-plusThe HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard Is Better Than a Cheque,
Safer Than Cash

Fast and convenient

The card provides instant access to funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – without the need to cash cheques or open bank accounts.

Instant purchasing power
Once funds have been loaded to the card, the cardholder can make InteracPoint-of-Sale (POS) transactions, online purchases and ATM withdrawals immediately.

Take control
Use the card to easily budget funds and take control of spending. Since the cardholder can only use funds that are pre-loaded onto the card, they can never go into debt.

Safe, private and secure
The card is not linked to any other account and uses a unique, personalized PIN to prevent unauthorized access to funds.

Superior customer care
HorizonPlus provides superior customer care for its cardholders. Telephone, email and online customer support are just a phone call or mouse-click away.

Easy account balances
Cardholders can check their account balance by using the automated phone system, at ATMs or on our secure website.

Reloadable and reusable
The card can be topped up, reloaded, and reused again and again. With the HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard, cardholders have access to their funds whenever needed.