How it Works

Aski offers services to businesses, organizations and their employees and members.

Understanding personal finances and the consequences of choices on your financial well-being can be a challenge at the best of times. There are so many different products and services available that it can be overwhelming. 

We are not a traditional financial services company, a brick and mortar building that people must go to. Instead, we bring financial services directly to our customers through our employer partners — businesses, stores, associations and organizations.

Aski's formalized, yet simple process, serves as an important introduction to personal financial management. You will gain the knowledge of the credit process, and become better prepared to take control of your financial future.

Employer Benefit Lending (EBL)

Through our Employer Benefit Lending Program, Aski provides short-term loans to all eligible employees of Aski Employer Partners.  Borrowed funds are repayable by the employee through payroll deductions. 

Once Aski and your company representatives approve loan applications, employees gain access to loan funds quickly in the form of a preloaded HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard or a direct disbursement into their bank account. The HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard works just like cash and eliminates extra charges often applied to cheque cashing. 

Learn more about the HorizonPlus Prepaid MasterCard