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What is an EBL? EBL stands for Employer Benefit Loan. These loans are available exclusively to employees of Employer Partners that have signed up with Aski.

How much can I borrow for a short term EBL? You can borrow any amount up to your bi-weekly net pay plus 50%.

When do I have to pay the loan back? You can pay back funds from 5 pay periods to 8 pay periods, depending on your personal needs and what day your pay falls on.

How do I get my money? Money is paid out to you on a re-loadable prepaid Credit Card; No delays from waiting for a cheque and it saves you money by avoiding cheque cashing fees. Direct deposit is also available.

How long does it take to get my money? Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM (Central Time) you could have your money in as little as 2 hours but Aski works on a first in, first out basis, so we suggest that you apply a full day before you require the funds.

How much does it cost? We have made it less expensive to borrow money than most other loan providers as well as offer friendlier repayment schedules. For example, Aski can provide a single loan for $1000.00 termed over 86 days or approximately 6 pay periods for a total fee of about $72.00.

What if I have poor credit, no credit or filed bankruptcy? If you have poor or no credit, it will not affect the approval of your EBL.

Do you perform a credit check? We do not perform a credit check. We only verify that you have been employed longer than 3 months with the same employer.

Why is there so much information on the EBL agreement? The EBL agreement is a contract that complies with all applicable provincial and federal requirements. It completely outlines the terms for the EBL, including the transaction fees and the interest rate.

How do I pay back my EBL? You will pay your loan back through an easy payroll deduction off of your paycheque.

What are the Application Requirements? 
· Two (2) pieces of identification, one with a photo. (Birth Certificate, Status Card, Drivers License)
· Your most recent pay stub, or written verification from your payroll department and a signing authority

Will you contact my references? We will not contact your references, unless you fail to repay your EBL and we have had failed attempts to contact you.

Do I need access to a printer, fax and/or scanner in order to complete the loan process? You will need a fax to apply for your EBL, to send and receive your EBL agreements for signature. Scanned and e-mailed ID is also required for MasterCard Canada as it needs to be completely legible.

How much work is this for my employer? There is little administration work and no tracking money owed or what has been paid back. Any questions regarding loans should be directed to Aski and are not the responsibility of the employer.

How much does it cost for my Employer to be part of this program? It costs nothing to be a part of the Aski program. The employer does not provide any cash or act as the lender.

Why do I need a signing authority to sign my EBL agreement? You will need a signing authority to sign your agreement because they are signing to agree to deduct the funds off of your paycheque, and Aski needs to have that assurance before any loan can be approved and funds dispersed.

Do I need collateral in order to apply for an EBL? Your job and your paycheque are your collateral.

Do I need a bank account? Aski can disperse your funds onto your Client Card as well as disburse money into bank accounts upon request.

What if I misplace or lose my HorizonPlus MasterCard? If you have lost or misplaced your card and require a replacement, please call 1-888-252-9579, which is available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

How do I reset my HorizonPlus MasterCard PIN? In order to reset your 4 digit card pin, you can either (i) create an online account at; or (ii) call the IVR and reset the PIN.